Cambridge, Ontario, Canada





Take advantage of the studio's comfortable and creative space.  You'll have access to the studio's entire collection of instruments, amps and microphones.


Send in your raw tracks to be mixed.  We'll turn tracks recorded in any environment into professional mixes with a polished and punchy finish. 


Give your song the finishing touch.  We'll take your mixed song and turn it in to a loud and competitive master that smoothly translates to all listening environments.  



Starting in the touring world, Zach has travelled as a professional audio engineer and instrument technician in over twenty-five countries spanning four continents with bands like Walk Off The Earth, USS, Serena Ryder, and Tim Hicks.  


In the studio, Zach has been working professionally for a decade and has worked on projects ranging from singer song writer to heavy metal.  However, Zach specializes in recording and mixing rock, pop and country. His depth of experience in the music industry has given him an edge on how to take songs from good to great without compromising the artist’s integrity. 


Ready to take your music to the next level?